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Manuscripts Under Review

  • Berg, M.K., Kitayama, S., & Kross, E. (revise & resubmit). How relationships bias moral reasoning: Neural and behavioral evidence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.
  • Soter, L.K., Berg, M.K., Gelman, S.A., & Kross, E. (under review). What we would (but shouldn’t) do for those we love: Partiality and inconsistency in “punish or protect” dilemmas.
  • Vishkin, A., Kitayama, S., Berg, M.K., Diener, E., Gross-Manos, D., Ben-Arieh, A., & Tamir, M. (under review). Emotion norms are stronger in individualist cultures than in collectivist cultures.

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Berg, M.K., *Yuan, J., Sowden, W.J., Kitayama, S., & Kross, E. (in preparation). Loyal friend or dutiful citizen? How culture shapes moral reasoning about close others.
  • Berg, M.K. & Kitayama, S. (in preparation). Reading the mind in the evaluative eyes: Social anxiety enhances implicit understanding of empathic cues.
  • Webster, C., Berg, M.K., Kross, E., & Moser, J. (in preparation). Efficient emotion regulation: An event-related potential investigation of distanced self-talk.

* denotes mentored student author

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